Tell Me Again, My Love
337 Mika needs her help
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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337 Mika needs her help

The next day Ryn woke up with the alarm of her clock. She gazed at it blearily before turned around and pulled the blanket to cover until her head. She mumbled something under her breath sleepily.

Just let me sleep!

Then the alarm stopped. The clock went snoozed but after five minutes it rang again. Disturbing her sleep again.

Oh my God! Ryn immediately sat up and stared at the wailing clock. What wrong did she do to receive this hellish treatment? All she wanted was to sleep in peace. Was it so hard to give?

She punched it to stop with a growl. She knew if she kept being stubborn and continued her sleep, if this clock this did not disturb her sleep, something else would. Better to force herself to be awakened now and faced with what was going to happen even with a forced smile on her face.

She grabbed a towel from the wardrobe and headed toward the bathroom, still grumbling under her breath. Why did she forget to change the alarm to 10.00 am instead of the usual 4.00 am? And now she could no longer force herself to sleep until she had her shower and breakfast.

It took her less than ten minutes to be done with her shower before she stumbled into the kitchen, wearing a fresh pair of shirt and shorts. Yawning loudly, she opened the refrigerator, only to pause. It was empty! She forgot to do her grocery again after so many months out of the house. Everything that perishable was safe in her stomach before she left two months ago. Hence, the things that were left in the refrigerator were cold water, ice and... kimchi?

Ryn took out the jar of kimchi and frowned at it. When did she buy this? She could not remember when she even consumed it. How could this thing end up in her refrigerator?

"This is weird," she murmured. But she kept it back into the refrigerator before went to rummage into the cabinets.

There was nothing in any of the compartments. Not even instant noodle!

"What kind of a house is this?" she grumbled unhappily. Her hands on her hips as her eyes scanned the kitchen cabinets.

No food anywhere.

Oh, she wished she had a genie to order or maybe she could be a witch. Why couldn't something appear when she needed it?

She rubbed her growling stomach.

Why did she not eat any extra steak last night? Or eat more?

Oh yes, she remembered now. Last night she did not eat to her fill because of the dowager. Having to face her 'interrogation' before and during the dinner really stopped her appetite. She did not even eat dessert!

And she knew it would be delicious. The cook in the Long was a wizard to whip delicious meals and desserts. She almost cried at the thought of missing the desserts.

It was so unfair. If she knew she would need to face the 'attack' from the dowager, she would not agree to go to the mansion. No. She would always agree to go there to have meals but if there was dowager at the place, she would never step into the building.

She rubbed her stomach again, mooning over the dessert she was missing out. Oh, if only the cook remembered to pack some for her to bring back home. She could always eat dessert for breakfast.

"Argh… I shouldn't stay here and keep being sad. I can just wait for the restaurant to open and eat there," she cried and stormed back to her room. She could just continue her sleep while waiting for the restaurant to open. It would be better to sleep rather than grumbling because of her hunger.

She pulled the blanket and prepared to lie down. But then she saw her phone blinking, signalling there was a message.

She frowned. Should she check now or later?

She checked the time and saw it was still early. Should she check it now? But even if she checked it now, the sender was still asleep, she reasoned. Honestly, she was just plain lazy to do anything right now. Too lazy and too hungry to care.

With a shrug, she just left the phone on the nightstand. She only turned off the recharger for her phone. Then, she adjusted herself on the bed, pulled up the blanket and closed her eyes.

"Let me dream about eating steaks. A lot of steaks," she murmured, almost immediately drifted back into the lalaland. It took her less than five seconds to fall asleep.

When she woke up back, the sun was already up in the sky. She blinked her eyes sleepily, staring at the ceiling rather blankly. Her body was sore all over. The exhaustion from the works was creeping back to her and it was painful.

When working, she had to bent her body in so many ways in order to fit the theme and what the directors wanted. And she did not feel anything when working but the pain would come later when she no longer busy with her work. And the time was now.

She closed her eyes, pulled her body closer and groaned loudly.

She was hungry but now her body did not seem to stop from hurting.

It took her half an hour to stop groaning. She pulled back herself to sit up and reached for her ringing phone.


"Hello, love. Good morning," the call was from Jeremy and he greeted her huskily.

"Hmm… morning," she murmured, wiping the sweat on her face with the blanket subconsciously.

"You must be hungry? Want to eat with me?" he asked.

"Hmm…" she did not say yes or no, just hmm. She pulled herself to stand and walked to the bathroom to wash her face. She also brought the phone, unwilling to end the call yet.

"I'm almost there. Wear something cute, okay?" without waiting for her reply, he ended the call. He might be afraid that she would argue with his request. Hence the abrupt ending.

She did not frown or shock with his sudden action. He was acting childish again, which she should expect from him. Shaking her head, she put the phone into the small rattan bowl and spun the tab. She let the water gathered in two hands before splashed it to her face.

Ahh… feel better already.

She splashed more for good measure before started to brush her teeth. Then, she washed her face again, this time using the facial cleanser.

His call came when she just finished tying her hair into a loose bun and secured it with a cap. She looked at the name on the screen and smiled without she even realized it. That was fast.

She grabbed her backpack and her keys. Time to have breakfast.


He did not have to wait long before she got into the car. Looking around, she pulled the cap even lower.

"Let's go," she told him, urging him with her hand.

He chuckled but still obeyed with her request. He switched the gear and let the car ran smoothly out of the apartment area and into the main road.

"Where are we going to have breakfast? Is it far?" she asked as she took the cap off her head.

"Why do you always tie your hair when with me?" he asked, glancing at her as she redid her hair. This time she braided it quickly before wrapped it into a bun.

"Isn't it… tidier?" she asked with a frown.

"I like you in your natural… appearance," his eyes twinkled naughtily.

Her eyes narrowed at his words. Did he just hint something… sexual?


"Hey, I'm just… desperate, okay? I wish we can kiss when we meet just now. Isn't it normal for lovers to kiss?"

"Well, at least you're honest," she mumbled but refused to look at his face. She would rather look out of the window than seeing the twinkle in his eyes.

How could he be so naughty? Had he forgotten how old he was and what his image was? He should think about his image!

He chuckled seeing how shy she became. How cute could she be? So adorable. And so beautiful. In Ryn, he could see so many faces of hers and he loved all of them. Well, except when she was angry at him. He did not want to face her wrath again. And of course, he did not want her to hate him again. Once was enough.

The drive continued until they reached a familiar place.

"Jeremy Long!" she cried when they went through a very familiar gate and the same man from yesterday waved at them.

"What?" he acted stupid but he knew why she raised her voice like this.

"How could you?"

"I'm sorry, babe, but Mika needs you to save her."

"I thought you're on my side," Ryn muttered between her gritted teeth.

"Of course I am love. You're my girlfriend. Don't worry. Grandma is not at home. She went out early to meet her friends," he explained.

"Then why do Mika need me if not to face the dragon?" she questioned back.

He sighed. It seemed as if Ryn truly was afraid with his grandmother. Of course, grandma wanted the best for all of them but her way was too harsh. If Ryn still not agreed to be with him back, he was afraid that his grandma would make her run away with her harsh questions. It was hard to reason with his grandmother. But he knew the only way to appease the eldest woman was by telling her that Ryn and he were already back together in a relationship and once Ryn was ready, they would get married.

"She needs to do your fitting. Have you forgotten who her sole bridesmaid is?

"Oh..." she pursed her lips. She totally forgot about Mika's wedding. She only remembered how the dowager kept asking about when she would marry Jeremy and it was so frightening. She did not understand why the dowager and Jeremy's mother did not mind when knowing she was Jeremy's girlfriend years ago. They accepted her with open arms without even a question over her family's status. Of course, they did frown when they heard she just learned to eat meat and their kids were the one introduced it to her, and because of her hippy parents, she hated vegetables so much. But in the end, they gave her a pitying look and called the cook to make her more meat dishes to fatten her up or in the dowager's word, to make her hips suitable for childbearing. 

Ryn was busy being angry with Jeremy over this matter, she did not even realize the messages and miscalls from Harry. At first, she was too sleepy and hungry to notice but now she was too frustrated and angry.


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