The Fastest Wanderer
3 Chapter 3 Starting training
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The Fastest Wanderer
Author :LostRarity
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3 Chapter 3 Starting training

Its been about 2 months since my birth, it's been hard. What do you expect I can't move and I have to drink milk from my mother while I know what is happening, but other than that I love my new life.

It is just me and my mother my dad left her because he did not want a child, or at least that is what I have inference, by the way, my mother is a badass she trains accent martial arts and chi or ki whatever you want to think it is. One time she started to meditate she put me on her lap I also tried to meditate and she thought it was funny that I was trying to copy her and laugh. I also talked to Eve about what would happen if I used my powers by accident as a child and she said if I can't control them I could get hurt so every night before bed I try to calm down so I don't accidentally use my powers.

Now back to the present.

Honey its time to eat, come to mommy! My mom said while showing a cute face.

oh, not this again as she walks up to me she opens her shirt and makes me drink her milk and changes my diaper that in the night I seem to have had an accident now that is embarrassing.

Now lest go meditate with mommy, ok.

she shows me her brightest smile and I can't say no to my mom so I just nod my head.

yeee leee dooooo taaaa.

ha ha ha.

my mom laughs and we go to the back yard.

(2 in a half years pass)

Two years pass and I now am 3 years old, my mom wants me to start training so I plan to understand my powers and how to use them. I will also learn martial arts from mom, Now let's start!

When I go out to the back yard my mom is sitting cross-legged and she points next to her.

Now, sit in a lotus position and slow your breathing and relax and feel what you are and who you are. My mom said.


(Serena Bloodmoon/Zero's Mom point of view)

I look at my child while he sits in the lotus position. He was always a smart child even as a little one if he was a normal child I would usually start training him when he was five but, I think he is ready, and hope he will understand what I'm saying.

As I was in my thoughts I saw something I was not expecting. Rainbow lighting was moving around him, it seemed as they were moving at different speeds some looked like there moving slow while some look like they're moving fast, is this the manifestation of his energy. I knew that everyone has a different manifestation but this is different it is like an inborn ability not a manifestation of his ki. I hope I can help my son with it I will have to have him go through hell even for me so he can protect himself in any situation but I hope he will be able to protect himself from him.


(Back to the MC)

While I was meditating I entered the speed force for the first time and looked around it was.....well beautiful I did not expect as I look around, then I hear a voice that sounds like Eve.

Welcome to your Speed Force Zero!Said Eve.

As I turn around I am surprised as there is a heavenly beauty behind me.

You, have a body?

Yes, I do ha ha ha ha you did not expect that did you I was given to you as your guide by the Creator but truly I volunteered to be your guide because I thought it would be fun. Said Eve with an amused face.

Well, That is good to know and dam you're beautiful!

ha ha ha thank you, now let me tell you about the speed force that you got compared to the usual. Said Eve.

The original is a manifestation of cosmic energy that the universe gives someone that it deems worthy to weld so it can continue to exist and move.

It is the movement of all time space while a speedster runs they move time and space forward with them that is why they are able to run into a different world in the multiverse or through time. Said Eve.

So you are telling me that It is what moves the universe forward in the DC universe so what is doing it in the Marvel universe?

Good observation yes you are correct that it moves the DC universe forward but not the marvel because there are no speedsters in the Marvel Universe.

Now the question is what move time and space forward in the Marvel universe well that is an easy answer that even you will be able to answer.

What is a manifestation of cosmic energy in the Marvel Universe? Said Eve.

Its the Infinity stones is it not. I said.

Yes, it is there are all ways something in different universes moving the forces forward whether it is a person or manifests of the forces but there is always some form. Now that is all I can tell you about this topic the rest you will have to figure out your self. Now let's start with your speed force or should I call it Origin Speed Force. It is your own manifestation of your self and your movement, though there is a big difference. You do not represent the forces of the universes that you're in, so you have no limit to what you can do what your power no speed limit no limit how far in time you can go through and no limit how far in space you can go through that means you can break through the source wall. Just like you wish with the power you have you can literally do almost anything as long as you learn how to use it properly as you learn more you will unlock more powers that other speedster form DC did not have, and adding your Electrokinesis to your equation you can achieve anything because everything has some form of energy. So all you have to do is train you don't need to think about it yet as you aren't there yet. Said Eve with Serious a face as she talked about my ability.

Now that you have the basic information about your ability its time to wake up so you can start to train with your mother good luck. Said Eve with the original amused face.

As I'm about to ask more question I black out for a sec and open up my eyes and my mother was in front of me.

What did you see honey? Said my mom with an interested and worried look at the same time.

I wonder what she saw as I was in the speed force.

I saw a beautiful plane with Rambow color lighting flashing around. I answer with my most childish voice and sound exited which I am so that is not hard.

Well, we first need to figure out what you ki represent it might be electrokinesis or something else well we will figure out over time. So let's start with building up your body strength and move on from there. Get ready for hell my son it will be hard now lets start. Said my mom with a serious face.

Oh no!
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    《The Fastest Wanderer》