The Great Thief
1783 Borrowing the Weapon
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The Great Thief
Author :Boating Lyrics
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1783 Borrowing the Weapon

An intense Stronghold battle wouldn't be simple and straightforward like past battles, and the past battles weren't very exciting either. At the moment, most clubs were able to defend their own Stronghold if they gave it their all.

The game officials' malicious strategy was to release double Strongholds.

This meant that on each map, a second stronghold would begin to appear, especially on maps where there were barracks. For example, the Hillsbrad Foothills as well as Grey Valley Stronghold both had barracks. The double strongholds emerged on these two maps.

With two strongholds appearing at once, it immediately attracted the attention of all the big clubs, but most people were aiming for the second stronghold at Hillsbrad Foothills.

However, it wasn't going to be easy. Blood Red War Flag was currently occupying the Hillsbrad Foothills. Even Glory Capital couldn't guarantee that they would be able to defeat them. After all, they had their own stronghold they had to protect too. And as for Grey Valley, they would be fighting head on against Ruling Sword.

Ruling Sword were big shots who had won all three championships, so they were in a position where no one wanted to provoke them. However, Ruling Sword already occupied two strongholds, Grey Valley and Black Sea Coast. There was no way they could fight for a new stronghold with everything they had to manage.

The main reason no one wanted to participate in this war was because of Glory Capital, who had just been defeated by Ruling Sword in the Shadow Cup. Evidently, they wouldn't let go of the chance to teach their old enemy a lesson.

Ruling Sword was already a hard enough opponent, and with the powerful Glory Capital also in the mix, it was still relatively easier to bully Blood Red War Flag.

Sorrowless had done two things recently.

The first was to investigate the people who had sold weapons to them and investigate who had leaked out the info about their weapons. If those who were investigated had no way to confirm their innocence, they'd be hunted down and killed by the power of Glory Capital— a top-level club simply couldn't allow themselves to be messed with.

Some of Ruling Sword's resource points had also been met with the powerful, shameless attack of Glory Capital, like their mines, ruins and Wild Bosses. There was no doubt that Glory Capital had made Ruling Sword their number one enemy.

Apart from this, Glory Capital had already started preparing for the Stronghold battle with all their might. Their strategy was really simple, or maybe it should be said that they didn't care about a strategy at all.

Eternal Kingdom attacked Grey Valley Stronghold while Glory Capital attacked Black Sea Coast Stronghold. The new stronghold in Grey Valley was attacked by their three way alliance, so Lu Li couldn't smooch off his girl this time, since Peerless City needed to get their own Stronghold. Their reputation was down in the dumps at the moment. They just couldn't break into being one of the ten big clubs.

With the alliance of Drizzle Court and Peerless City going to attack the Gale Legion stronghold, if Gale Legion didn't want to lose their stronghold overnight, then they needed to focus.

What Ruling Sword really had to face was the allied strength of Glory Capital and Eternal Kingdom.

Compared to getting the new Grey Valley stronghold, Ruling Sword would choose to protect the two strongholds they already had. It didn't matter if it was Grey Valley or Black Sea Coast, if they lost either one, it would have a big impact on their power. Ruling Sword couldn't afford to lose; they had put in too much money and effort into these two strongholds.

But they wouldn't just passively look on and watch Glory Capital take away the second stronghold of Grey Valley. Grey Valley was Lu Li's big base camp. If Glory Capital took away Grey Valley's new Stronghold, it was like having a stake driven into Lu Li's heart. This was something that Lu Li definitely didn't want to see.

"I hope you guys are able to get this stronghold," Lu Li made a direct appointment with Drinking Alone, offering them a supposed gift.

"Bro, are you kidding? Letting us compete with Glory Capital for this new stronghold." Drinking Alone replied. He didn't think this was a gift at all. Their original target was Un'Goro Crater which Gangnam Royals occupied. At the moment, Gangnam Royals was considered one of the weaker top-level clubs. They still hadn't completely covered their vitality.

"There's one thing you don't have to worry about. Whether it's me or Water Fairy, we don't want to see Glory Capital occupy the second stronghold of Grey Valley, so we will give you full support, from players to materials. We'll even offer money, which you definitely don't lack."

Drinking Alone was in deep thought for a moment. Lu Li wasn't wrong, and he believed what Lu Li said. Any idiot would know Ruling Sword didn't want Glory Capital crapping right outside their front door.

If they were to attack Gangnam Royals, Ruling Sword's support would be extremely limited. They needed to defend their own two strongholds and had to gather additional strength to plot against the second stronghold of Grey Valley.

"I'd really like to know what sort of help Ruling Sword can offer," Drinking Alone asked.

Lu Li was well prepared for this. He pulled out a list on which was written the names of high level players like Lonesome Flower, Kitty Likes Meat and Fat Monkey.

"No way. You can give all these people to me?" Drinking Alone couldn't believe his own eyes.

Everyone was going to bid for the new stronghold. After bidding for it, everyone would attack the new stronghold that was defended by the system, seeing who was fastest. Whoever defeated it the quickest would be the new owners of the stronghold.

That's why those who were attacking the stronghold were those who had the highest damage output. However, if there was a relatively strong healer, they'd join in too. A strong healer could do the job of two and free up a place for more damage dealers.

"That's right, these are the ones we can give you for support. Drizzle Court will also give you a few strong mages. As long as you're stronger than Glory Capital, it's enough. Regardless of whether it's us or Glory Capital, neither of us want to go all out to go attack a new stronghold. Your opponent isn't Glory Capital at their full strength. If you're not even brave enough to face Glory Capital with their hands and legs tied, then don't you think you should just give up on your dreams of growing into an even greater guild?" Make them feel like they benefited from helping you, then use clever wording to trick them. Lu Li had already convinced Drinking Alone long ago.

"We'll give it a try," Drinking alone agreed enigmatically.

He didn't have to go back and discuss it with those at the top in the club. He was cautious man, but even he was tempted by this massive gift that Lu Li was placing right in front of him. The opportunistic guys at the top of the club probably wouldn't even give it a second thought and would simply agree right away.

"I do have one more recommendation," Lu Li laughed.

"Doesn't matter where those top players come from, you can still hire them to come over and help."

"This is what we mean when we say we want to watch the world burn. They really are lending top players for the stronghold battle. It'd take at least a half a year before we can really rise in success. However with Lu Li's clever, seemingly unintentional guidance, maybe he'll speed up this process."

At the moment, Gangnam Royals and Grand Hegemony were recruiting top players from the people of the most frequently participating clubs.

But their limitations meant that they were only able to hire top players from the general public. So why don't they spend a bit of money and borrow some people from other clubs? Other clubs must have extra people. So, if you give them a whole bunch of money, regardless of whether it was the player itself or the club, they wouldn't refuse.


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