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The Nine Cauldrons- Teng Qinghan's rebirth
Author :Heavlysaintcosmo
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In a white spacious room a old man was kneeling in front of a boy no older than 17

"young man I am truly sorry" the old man kept on saying as he kneeled for the 100th time

"OK OK can you please stop kneeling I'm not angry anymore and the way you are right now makes it look like I'm the bad guy so please stop" Teng Qinghan said not sure whether to laugh or cry over how the old man is acting ever since he came to this white room."so old man Heaven what gonna happen to me now that I am here will I just stay here for the rest of my life or will I disappear"

"since you died because of me I shall reincarnate you in any world you wish grant you 4 wishes and with the large amount of karma you have 2 more wishes

"OK I would like to be reborn as Teng Qingshans twin brother in his second life and my first wish is to have the looks of sir zechs Lucifer with a 12 inch long 3 inch wide dick, for my second I would like the library of heavens path with all cultivation techniques, fighting technique, alchemy, forging,plant and animal books of all multi verses that existed and have ceased to exist(worlds that were destroyed by the heavens coz it was too op to exist and couldn't be controlled),for my third I would like to have a personal world where I am like a god like violent jade realm however make it 3 times the size of earth and 100000x more energy of heaven and earth as the nine preferectures filled with rare plants like Dreamy cloud fruit that grow and mature in only a day and more(godly beasts and supreme grade metal ores), for my forth I would like for a nine layered pagoda which has the same function as martial god space with each layer 100x better than the last which can only be accessed by anyone I allow, for my fifth I would like to have a harem summoning system similar to wu yan with unlimited system points and for my final wish I wish to have a bottomless gourd that produces an infinite amount of wine as long as there's enough heaven and earth energy to absorb that will push one talent and comprehension to the max"Teng Qinghan said as if it were rehearsed

"Okay no problem I wish you great luck in your new life"

"Thanx and be more careful next time so as not to kill anyone with your..."Teng Qinghan said as he vanished

"Damn bastard has finally left at least I will have peace and quiet from that shithead though I wish he can enjoy his new life" Old man heaven thought as he remembered the obscured request his oldest and best friend made
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    《The Nine Cauldrons- Teng Qinghan's rebirth》