The Suit-Maker
1 Prologue- The Villain“s Legacy
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The Suit-Maker
Author :Ghostman
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1 Prologue- The Villain“s Legacy

The supervillain took a deep breath to steady himself and then gently knocked on the door. He heard movement behind the door and when it opened, the supervillain found his heart skipping a beat. He suspect his former moll's heart also did the same, though for a very different reason. The metallic wings on her back spread out as if she was going to take flight and the supervillain just smiled. He knew there was nowhere for his former moll to fly off to in the small flat and even if there was, she wouldn't left her child behind. The supervillain raised his hand in peace.

"I'm not here to fight. I'm not here to take the kid. I just want to see our baby."

The supervillain could see the distress on the face of his former moll and for a moment he wondered if she would reject his request. She did not. She sighed in resignation and let him in. The supervillain nodded his head in thanks. The flat was a dump. It was small one room flat that had thin walls, terrible smell and bad lighting. The supervillain had expected all this and didn't really mind the living conditions. He had lived in worse places. He only had eyes for the baby crib in the middle of the room. Unlike the rest of the flat, the crib looked expensive and the supervillain suspected that his former moll had spent everything she stole from him on the baby. The supervillain kind of hoped she had stolen more. If she had, his child would not have to live in such a place. He looked in and saw the cutest thing he had ever seen. The baby was sleeping but the supervillain couldn't help himself. He reached out and softly poked the baby's awesomely adorable cheek. The feeling he felt when he touched the baby was something he had not felt in years.

"Tobias. His name is Tobias…Wong."

The supervillain stopped when he heard the name. It hurt more than he thought it would but he put a fake smile on his face.

"Good choice," He could see his former moll visibly relaxed at that. "I have enemies and having him take your last name would be safer for both of you. Take this."

He handed the former moll a briefcase. She looked at the supervillain in puzzlement but knew him well enough than to ask what's inside. She put the briefcase on the sole table in the flat and opened it. A gasp escaped her lips when she saw the notes inside.

"300,000 credits," the supervillain said. "That ought to be enough for you to setup yourself with the kid. There's also a contract inside between you and Better Flavors Food Company."

"A contract? For what?"

"You invented a new flavor of ice cream and sold the formula to them. The contract is for the sale. This money is totally legit with a clear paper trail so there's no need to hide it. There're also deeds to two properties in Singapore. I would suggest you live in one of them and rent out the other for some regular income."

"Singapore? Why Singapore?"

"The city is safe and a good place to raise a kid. Also…as long as you invest in the local economy, the South East Asian League don't ask too many questions about where the money comes from. I was thinking of giving you more, like a trust fund for the kid, but that would just raise suspicions and..."

The supervillain stopped talking when he realized that the former moll was no longer listening.

"I thought you would be angry." She sounded like she was going to cry. "I thought you…"

"I was," The supervillain cut her off. He can't have her feeling sorry for him. He needed her to realize she made the right decision. "I was very angry. I wanted to find you and do bad things to you. For over a year, I looked for you just to do that. Then I found you and realized the reason you ran. I got the kid's DNA and ran some tests. I know he's mine and you made the right choice. He is better off without me in his life. Just do me a favor."


"When he grows up, he will ask about me. It's inevitable. When he does…just speak well of me. Can you promise me that?"

The former moll answered by giving the supervillain a big farewell kiss. Eighteen months later, the supervillain was caught but his former moll kept her promise.


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