The Suit-Maker
5 The Steambo
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The Suit-Maker
Author :Ghostman
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5 The Steambo

I could only greet this with silence. My mind went blank. In times like this, I could only go into my 'Cyborg' mode. More a way of thinking than anything real, I crush my human side and let the machine in me takes over. It was the only way to stay calm.

"Anything else I should know about?"

[To ensure that the System is able to guide these descendants in their chosen fields, a series of Missions and Rewards would be given to the Users.]

"What rewards?"

[Rewards are given among completion of Missions. Their worth is based on the difficulty of the Missions and how well the User did in completing the Mission.]

"Let's see them then."

The 'Battlesuits' was now highlighted under my Creator Account and I confirmed it. The System gave me another message.

[Mission completed. 10,000 DP awarded to User Tobias Wong. New Mission available]

My human eye widen in surprise. There's no refund option in Dive but 10,000 DP was about 5,000 credits and that's a lot of money just for a simple confirmation. I quickly selected the Mission tab on the System again.


Mission: Create Your First Battlesuit

A weapons designer need to design but everyone need to start at the bottom. Design a Grade 0 Battlesuit and put it up for sale on Dive.


This mission was going to be a lot more difficult than the first one. Dive was so realistic that you can't just put up any design you want on it. Well you can but the mission state that I need to put it on sale and the Dive marketplace would not accept a design that won't work in real-life. The mission never said I had to design a Suit from scratch, so I believed a modified version of a Suit would do. I opened up the Grade 0 Battlesuits on Dive and saw the rubbish that were there. All the Suits available at Grade 0 were old designs that were at least sixty years old. I looked over them and wondered how in the world I was supposed to sell even one of these antiques. These Suits were a joke compared to the ABS-5, and the ABS-5 wasn't even the most advance Batlesuits available out there. The most state of the art Battlesuits were considered military secrets and they were not for public viewing. Then I realized my mistake.

The Mission never state I had to sell the Suit, only to put it up on sale!

Very unbecoming of a cyborg, I laughed like a mad man. A weight lifted off me and like a child in candy store, I suddenly began flipping through the available Grade 0 Battlesuitst. They were still garbage but now they were usable garbage. To be fair, most of the Grade 0 Battlesuits were state of the art during their time but now all of them were outdated relics. Since they were all junk…I smiled and used the filter again. The Dive search function took only a second and the Battlesuits of The Steam Age appeared. I knew which Suit I wanted. Soon a big fat Battlesuit appeared on the screen. It was The Steambot.

Made in a haze by an inventor named Victor Sage, the Steambot was the battle tank of it's time. With a head shaped like a bullet, the three meter giant Battlesuit had thick heavy armor that could deflected normal bullets like they were nothing. It had two giant eyes that could work like spotlights and extendable arms that were armored and gave it the strength of twenty men. Invulnerable and powerful, the Steambot was considered one of the first great Battlesuits in history. It was so advanced it took fifty years before someone managed to duplicate it. Of course by then technology had caught up and passed Steam Technology but the Steambot still held a place in the hearts of all Suit lovers. That included me and I was more than a little familiar with the inner workings of the Steambot. Since I only need a working modified model to put on sale, it was the perfect choice.

To quickly complete the mission, the smart thing was to do only the minimum amount of modification so that was what I was going to do. The Steambot did not come with any weaponry so the first thing was to give it one. I took out the right hand of the Steambot and install the IK Battle-axe to replace it. I put it up for Dive for verification but it was immediately rejected. The Dive system state there was already another version of the Steambot with an axe-hand and my version was too similar in design. I could only sighed in disappointment.

"Guess it couldn't be that easy. It is a classic."


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