The Suit-Maker
44 Uncovering the Missions
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The Suit-Maker
Author :Ghostman
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44 Uncovering the Missions

"Why are you so surprised? When a piece of technology gets old, they downgrade it. They do it all the time."

"Yes, they downgrade it and that's usually years after the initial launch of the product. The Trackbot-P is only a few weeks old. They can't just change the grade like that? We already sold a bunch of Trackbot-P as Grade 2 Battlesuits. Wait a minute, can they even upgrade a product they had just graded a few weeks ago?"

"Yes, they can. The SOFS reserved the right to change the grade of any product they had verified at any time they so choose to. Go read the fine print, it's there somewhere."

I thought about it and realized that Jaya is right. Thinking about it, it does make sense for the SOFS to reserve the right to change the grade of the product. Knowing that they can do it doesn't help me though. Several questions came to mind including if the mission I completed for the System would be rescinded. Would I have to design and built a new Grade 2 Battlesuit if the Trackbot-P is upgraded to a Grade 3? I need to ask the System about it later, now I have other questions for Jaya.

"I take it this is your good news?"

"Yes. Despite the problems that comes with an upgrade, this is generally good news. Interest in the Trackbot-P will increase due to the upgrade, we can increase the price of the Trackbot-P due to it, and more importantly for us right now, we can charge higher fees for the manufacturing license."

"Which is why you aren't so keen on this offer from the Jämtland Enterprise. You think we can get a better deal after the upgrade."

"I think we can do business with more reputable manufacturers after the upgrade. Manufacturing license for Grade 3 Battlesuits are hardly rare and the Trackbot-P is under Clockwork Technology which means it is one of the best Clockwork Battlesuit on the market, if not the very best. We are going to make a killing with the upgrade."

I immediately understood what Jaya was implying. Manufacturing companies make products that they can sell and with the upgrade, they will be able to sell the Trackbot-P. I have a backlog of orders for them to clear and that backlog will only grow once the upgrade comes into effect. The cost for a production line for the Trackbot-P is also much lower than for other Grade 3 Battlesuits as it uses Clockwork Technology. Unlike new technologies like Compound Electricity and Resonance Tech, there is no need to hire specialists or buy the latest manufacturing equipment for a Clockwork production line. So there is no reason for us to get our hands dirty if reputable manufacturing companies are willing to do business with us.

"Jaya, how confidant is Van on this? I mean if the SOFS do an upgrade now, it means they are admitting they got it wrong the first time. There's a matter of face to worry about."

"Alamak, who do you think you are? Not to bust your bubble here fatman but do you think a giant like the SOFS really cares about a Grade 2 or 3 Battlesuit like the Trackbot-P? We're just a footnote to them."

"So…this is a done deal?"

"Van wouldn't have gave me the heads up if it's not. The upgrade is a matter of when not if, but you are the boss. It's your decision how we are going to deal with Jämtland Enterprise."

"Will they get suspicious if we reject them out of hand? If the people behind Jämtland Enterprise are criminals, the last thing I want is to antagonize them."

"Yes, but I can deal with it. They are no idiots so they must know we at least suspect them. Shouldn't be too much of a problem but if you are worried, we can just drag things out till the upgrade happens. Then any rejection would be more understandable."

"Ok then, let's do that. Drag out the negotiations as long as you can but be careful. Tell me the moment if anything comes up."

"You worry too much. I'll handle it. I'll give you an update once…"

"Wait, don't hang up. Take a look at this." I direct Jaya to the website for the SCR Festival and told him I am looking to enter it.

"I don't think it will be a problem. This looks like a legit event and till the situation with the Trackbot-P clears up, it might be best for you to slow things down anyway. Let me ask around."

With that, I drop the call and after making sure the white noise filter is still functioning, I call up the System.

"System, you're there?"

[Yes, User Tobias Wong. How may I assist you?]

"If the SOFS upgrade the Trackbot-P to a Grade 3 Battlesuit, how will that affects my missions and rewards? Will you be taking them back?"

"Rewards given will not be taken back by the System. Missions that are completed will not be given again."

"So the upgrade by SOFS will not affect me at all?"

"Hardly. User Tobias Wong's profile as a Battlesuit designer will be substantially increase due to the upgrade and it is the first step in User Tobias Wong's mission to be a designer that is acknowledged by the world."

"Wait, what? Since when do I have a 'mission' to be a Battlesuit designer that is acknowledged by the world? I'll just trying to make a living here."

"As the user keep on completing missions given by the System and enjoy the rewards for completing the missions, the user will almost automatically be acknowledged as one of the best Battlesuit designers of his generation. If he complete enough missions, it is not out of the question for him to be known as the greatest Battlesuit designers in history."

Oh! It seems that I have accidentally uncover a few missions.


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