The Suit-Maker
56 The End???
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The Suit-Maker
Author :Ghostman
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56 The End???

In movies and television shows, they always show two sides facing off against each other before both sides began shooting at the same time. It is absolute total nonsense. Nothing like that happened here. The moment the turrets protecting the festival managed to turn their guns at the approaching enemies, they began firing. Loud deafening noise surrounded the stage as the guns came to life, and the sounds shook everyone out of their stupor.

Everyone who was not part of the security panicked! Yes, I include myself in this group. I immediately ran towards the stairs of the stage and found that everyone else had the same idea. The stairs could not accommodate everyone and some people, like Nam, decided to just jump off the stage. Nam could do that as he had his clockwork legs but if I did something like that, I am liable to break something. I headed to the stairs where everyone was shouting, pushing and shoving. I joined in, only I had much more successful than others. With my size, weight and cybernetic arm, I shoved others out of the way and made my way down the stairs. I looked around and saw him.

The Trackbot-P was standing at the edge of the crowd and it was looking straight at me. Howard waved me over and for a moment I hesitated. It was easier for me to just follow the crowd but then I catch the sight of Jaya in the hoverbuggy and made my way towards them. More pushing and shoving later, I reached the two awaiting duo. I hurriedly jumped onto the hoverbuggy, and Jaya immediately floored it.

"I thought you said they weren't going to start shooting!"

"I said the chances of a direct attack were low," Howard shouted back as he rolled alongside us. "Things must be worse than everyone was willing to admit."

"A lot of good that's going to us now, and can't this thing go any faster?"

To be fair, the hoverbuggy wasn't going any slower than normal but when I am being shot at, even a vehicle with a Magnetized Space Engine would be moving in slow motion. However Jaya, for reasons that escape me, had to defend the hoverbuggy.

"It's a buggy, not a car. And we will go faster if we're not carrying so much fat weight!"

"Seriously?" I screamed my lungs out at Jaya. "A fat joke now? At this time?"

"It's not a joke when it's the truth!"

Jaya snarled back, giving as good as he got. Okay, maybe being in a warzone has everyone on edge but that's still no excuse to insult me about my weight! Howard didn't share our anxiety.

"Both of you shut up. Head for the carpark!"

"What?" Jaya and I turned to the security consultant in shock.

"Why aren't we heading to the terminal? It's the safest place here!"

Not only was it safer, it was also much nearer than the carpark. Howard however had his reasons. "Yes, and that's where all the executives are heading. You don't want to be near them when the fighting truly begin in earnest."

Wait, aren't they already fighting? I looked back at the helicopters and saw what Howard meant. The battle had stopped. The squadron of Battlesuits had dropped to the ground. They were going this to avoid the anti-aircraft fire and were now approaching on foot. The three helicopters were hovering over the squadron but were flying low to the ground. The attackers were walking through the festival grounds and my heart ache when I realized my remaining Battlesuits were still there. If they start fighting now, my Battlesuits could get destroyed!

I don't know if hiding among the exhibits was part of their plan, but if it was it worked. The defensive units of the Oriental Earth Group had stopped firing to avoid collateral damage and were holding their positions near the stage. I guess their main priority was to protect the executives. The relative peace will not last.

Once the attacking Battlesuits gotten closer, the mechs and security guards would open fire, collateral damage be dammed. The safest bet is to get out of the area before it turned into a warzone. I suddenly realized that we are not the only ones who had this idea as several other people were heading in the same direction as us. This wasn't our fight so none of us had any problem running away and this lull had another good point for me; the stall of The Fat Tinkerer is on the far end of the festival ground so they should be safe when the fighting finally begins.

"Oh shit!"

Jaya cursed as he stopped the hoverbuggy. I turned and heard a loud explosion. I instinctively ducked my head and when I finally looked up, I saw two overturned vehicles and a great deal of smoke. A Battlesuit that was over two meters tall emerged from the smoke like some monster of a movie. I followed Jaya's example and cursed.

I could not recognized the squadron of Battlesuits earlier as they were too far away but I recognized this one. It was a Siberian Heavy Wolf. A heavily armored Battlesuit that enhanced the operator's strength and come equipped with a large backpack that could contains tens of thousands of rounds. Ammunition that was necessary to feed the monstrous Gatling gun the operator was carrying.

As five other Siberian Heavy Wolf walked out, I now know why they weren't fighting at the festival grounds. That was just a distraction; this is the real attack and we drove straight into them.

"Run for it!"

Howard screamed as Jaya and I abandoned the hoverbuggy and ran. Countless others who had the same idea as us did the same and none of us cared where we are running to. Anywhere is better than here! From the corner of my eye, I saw Howard rolling forward, firing the Minoru Minigun as he charged at the opposing Battlesuits. That's all I saw before hearing the ceaseless firing of the Gatling guns. Then…PAIN!

The next thing I know I was on the ground in mind numbing pain. I had been shot! My breath quickened, and for a moment I thought I was hyperventilating. Do people hyperventilate after getting shot? That was the last stupid question I had before darkness claimed me.


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