The Suit-Maker
90 Future Plans
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The Suit-Maker
Author :Ghostman
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90 Future Plans

"What happened?"

I told Anja what happened in Thailand, and my near-death experience. She was sympathetic, but she didn't understand what that had anything to do with the systems. So, I asked her the logical question.

"Hasn't the same happened to you? Has your life been in danger since getting the system? At this dungeon you mentioned."

"Well, yes." Anja admitted. "But it got nothing to do with the system. It was something that happened."

"Where did you get this information about the dungeon?"

"My system." Anja admitted. "But it was my choice to go in. I could have said 'no'. I could have sold the information. It never forced me to go in. It was my choice."

I nodded. "Like you were in an experiment."


"Do you know what an experiment is?" I asked.

"Of course."

I shook my head. "Most people think they do, but they don't. They don't really understand what an experiment is. An experiment is a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact. It is also something you do to determine something. Like how the system would affect a human both mentally and physically?"

"You think we are lab rats?"

"Think about it. If you create something this revolutionary, you need to test it first. Only idiots test it on themself, but the systems are too powerful. Our father can't just test it on anyone. He has too many enemies. He doesn't want to end up giving power to one of them, so the list of potential candidates is short."

"So, why not give it to his children?" Anja's face changed as understanding dawned. The cafe became silent as we both thought about what I just said. I was still running through the different scenarios in my head when Anja recovered.

"No. It's too much of a stretch."

"Why?" I asked. "You think my conjunction is wrong or do you just don't want to admit that it could be true."

"Both," Anja admitted. "But that doesn't mean you are right. There are too many holes in this theory of yours."

"True," I admit. "I just thought of it, but I think it is very possible. Please explain your doubts."

"For one thing, how is the man monitoring us? If we are in an experiment, he must have a way to keep us under observation."

"Maybe our system-"

"No chance." Anja cut me off before I could even finish. "I am a magician, and I am part of a worldwide magical organization that have been in existence for centuries. Trust me when I say I know a thing or two about preventing ourselves from being monitored. It is not the systems."

I took a moment and thought about it. Anja was right. For my theory to hold up, The Mad Triple must be monitoring us. Not only that, the surveillance must be constant. I nodded my head, indicating to Anja to continue.

"Also, what is the aim of the experiment? The man is over two hundred years old and spent most of his life outside Earth. The average lifespan of a spacer is a hundred and twenty-three. He is already well past the average age of someone off-Earth. If we are the lab rats, the results from this experiment won't be known for decades. Even if the man is still alive, he would be dead before the experiment is finished. What is the upside for the man?"

"Maybe it's not for him. Maybe he is doing it for the good of humankind."

"You think a man like The Mad Triple has noble intentions? Have you not-"

"He is known as a freedom fighter. That much is true. That's how he met my mother." Anja's eyes widened a little at that. Her curiosity was palpable, and I explained. "She was rebel spacer."

"Wow. We really should exchange stories some time. However, my point still stands. There is no upside for him."

"There could be." I argued. "Just because we can't see it, doesn't mean there isn't. Like him or not, you can't argue that our father is a great man, and great men usually have great aims and goals. It could be that the goal of this experiment could only be implemented after his death."

"By who? I know he has followers, but would he tell them about us? Hell, I didn't even know I was his daughter till I got the system. My mother told me my father was a marketing executive who died in a plane crash. Who would a man like The Mad Triple trust enough to tell about his secret children who are in his secret experiment? No. It's far more likely that the man is dead, and the systems are his legacy to his children."

I thought about the doubts Anja raised, and had to admit they were valid. I didn't think I was wrong, but she was right; what she said was far more likely. I wasn't about to admit that though. I still believe I was right.

"There's too much we don't know. We need more information, and not just about the systems. We need to know more about our father, and what he was doing for the past few years."

"What are you thinking?"

"Find the rest." I said. "I highly doubt The Mad Triple only had two kids. There must be others out there, and we should to find them. See what they have and hear their views on this matter. How did you find me?"

"When word spread about what the SEAL council was doing, flags were raised. My council found out you were the man who came up with the idea, and everyone was wondering why they trusted you so much. Then the SEAL council told us who your father was, and I found out."

"The Seal council was telling people about my parentage?"

"Don't worry. Considering some of the stuff the councils are involved in, who our father was is a small matter. We know how to keep secrets."

I was not happy but realized there was nothing I could do about it. Once I got back to Singapore, I was going to have a good long talk with Tanner but for now, there was another thing on my mind.

"You know anything about our brothers and sisters."

"No. What about you?"

"Once this conference is over, I am thinking about taking a holiday."

"Holiday? To where?"



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