To Rule A World
2 Chapter 1
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To Rule A World
Author :Bhagwat
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2 Chapter 1

(Hey guys I forgot to write this in the previous page so i will write it now, our main character has not seen Harry Potter or any other so he will not be a op from start)

I didn't realize it at first but as my mind stopped spinning i saw something that i will remember for the rest of my life, i was in a crib and right next to that crib was a women lying Motionlessly on the floor.She wasn't moving and the room seemed like it has been in the center of a hurricane.

Next came the realization that I am alive, i dont know how or why but i am indeed alive and i am in a child body no more then a year old.

Suddenly my forehead started hurting and it felt like my mind is hammering against my skull, something very wrong is going on in hear,something dark and evil was trying to get rid of me, i didn't know at that time what it was but somthing from my own body flowed towards my forhead and the headache subsided befor completely disappearing.

As i was thinking what happened to me a man clad completly in black came to the room and started crying while holding the women while the women remain unresponsive. I realize that the women was either dead or in a very deep coma but by reactions of the man her being dead is very possible. I also realized that that women must have been my mother or the mother of the child whose body i have taken. It was an instinct or a memory of the child that i knew that she was my mother and the same instinct/memory told me that the man holding her was not my father.

It came suddenly but i was crying and calling her to me. After some time i fall asleep tired.

When i came to I was not in a room but ouside while a old man with white beard placed something behind my head and whispered 'live well Harry Potter'

After that he was gone and i was left alone with my own thoughts on a doorstep if the giant door to my right is anything to go by, as i had noting to do my thought process went back to what i was thinking before i felt asleep.

When that thought came to my mind i realized one very important thing that i should be dead so why am i alive and why am i in a childs body.

My name is (or i guess was) Martin and i was born into a very good family.My family while not rich wasn't poor either. I grew up happy and like every normal person my life started, in studies i wasn't a genius but i was above norm and my extracurricular activities were also good. I graduated 3 years earlier then my peers and went to on to open a small business company in computer programming.

I lived my life in piece married had kind and at the age of 60 years old i died in a car accident. i was thankfull that i was alone in the car and none of my family was with me as i did not want any harm come to them.

I was never really a believer in higher power as i always thought that we are responsible for our own life.But i guess that this moment is something that only a being of higher power is capable of. I died and i woke up in a child body. I guess this is better then dying. I slept again with that in my mind.

Soon the morning came and and as i woke up i heard the door opening and a somewhat thin women came out and as soon as she saw me she screamed for her husbend to came to her.

I was brought inside after some arguments and a lot of looking around on there parts like they were scared that someone would see them arguing.

They left me alone after putting me in a crib with another child in it.

As they were gone i was thinking about my family and friends, i miss them and i am sure that they will miss me but i guess it wont be that bad,my son and daughter were already married and had there own family to look after and to support them. My wife died few years befor me so i was basically living alone in my house. So i guess this is better then growing old on my own.

As i finished my thoughts the man and the women came back and the man scoffed at me and left me with rhe women who was looking at me with different emotions that i didn't recognize.

And so my new life begin there.
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    《To Rule A World》