Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
392 Chapter 384: Bloodlust incarnate!
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Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
Author :_Ramzey_
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392 Chapter 384: Bloodlust incarnate!

"That black robe.. the Dark Sect?" Shen Murong and Wei Wang narrowed their eyes at this man. His long white hair covered most of his facial appearance aside from his pair of disdainful eyes that seemed to be glowing crimson.

Elder Cheng Chao whom was silent all these while suddenly spoke, "Impossible.. I am able to see him clearly with my eyes, but my soul sense are unable to detect his presence!"

It was out of habit for anyone once they possess the soul sense to use it against their opponents in order to do a preliminary analysis on their power level, and Elder Cheng Chao was not an exception to this.

Usually, she would be able to at least gauge her opponent's strength by how much they were able to rein in their aura as it was a tell tale sign of their skills!

In other words, the less aura they radiate, the experienced and dangerous that cultivator would be!

Therefore, the fact that the other party was able to remain completely like an inanimate object despite her eyes seeing the person itself, had triggered her instinct telling her that the latter was an extremely dangerous person!

If that person were to attack them silently from behind, they wouldn't even get the chance to retaliate!

"Don't bother using your soul sense. The guy is a vampire, his name is Zeng Jiangshi!" Elder Lin chuckled as he shook his skull slowly.

"A vampire?" Princess Meixiu and the rest frowned as they were foreign to this new term.

"He is someone who is in a limbo between the living and the dead, not really alive nor is he an undead. A long time ago, they prospered in number and many people would fall victim to their fangs especially during night time." explained Elder Lin with a deep voice.

Hearing this, Wang Dong at the side, suddenly widened his eyes feeling horrified!

Attacking people at night..

"You mean.. he is a perverted undead?" he said with a grim expression.


Zeng Jiangshi, the guy from the Dark Sect found his footing to suddenly slip from the boulder he was standing on and fell to the ground, kicking up a huge dust!

Even Elder Lin choked on himself. If he was a living being, his lungs would probably already fail from the shock he received!

How in the world did this fellow come into such a conclusion?

Wouldn't assassin and the likes be more likely than a perverted undead? Where did he get such an idea?

"No! I mean to say that they would bite at people's neck and suck on their blood! This was especially the case for young, virgin women as they would be the most common victim for these vampires!" Elder Lin replied.

Although the other party was their enemy, he was an upright person who lived by the ancient morals and teachings. Thus, he would never let people misunderstand his words that could sully or slander anyone!

"Young and virgin women.." beads of sweat began to form on Wang Dong's head as he stepped forward to slowly cover Princess Meixiu's body, as if trying to hide her from something pervasive.

'Hide behind me!' Wang Dong whispered, causing Princess Meixiu's face to turn red as she nodded slightly.

Elder Lin's skeletal jaw literally dropped to ground seeing Wang Dong's reaction before he covered his face feeling ashamed.

This guy is exceptional when fighting before, but in terms of intelligence.. he is an idiot..

Meanwhile, Zeng Jiangshi quickly stood up from the ground while laughing to brush the previous scene off cooly, "You caught me by surprise there, that's a first after many centuries! You are good!"

In his heart however, he was cursing Wang Dong harshly.

Bastard! To dare call me, the great and noble vampire Zeng as a pervert, you deserve to die a million times and be impaled on the stakes!

"What are you doing here, entering my domain?" Elder Lin asked.

Although he was much older than the other party, they knew one another way back during the time after he destroyed the leaderless Empyrean Dynasty back then.

"Chill out! I was in the vicinity when your house happened to blew up. So I came here to check if you are still alive. Pun intended! Hahahaha!" Zeng Jiangshi replied.

He then continued, "So, that's the Jiu Imperial Overseer that killed Cao Tengfei.. is he that strong for you to submit just like that?"

"You and your lame jokes..." Elder Lin sighed. "But in a short answer, yes. Though not as strong as the One Emperor from back then. We could have fought, but it would be meaningless."

Zeng Jiangshi scoffed, "Hah! As expected! Knowing you, who once summoned ten thousand of your centipede or whatever they were called as to decimate the Empyrean dynasty back then, it would be a terrible joke for you to simply lose like that. You are just lazy to fight back, am I right?"

"Well, if you are talking about the clone, I might be able to win if I fight seriously. But is it worth it for all that trouble to summon the real person to beat me up? I don't think so." Elder Lin chuckled.

"Hmph! You're no fun!" Zeng Jiangshi harrumphed and flipped his thumbs down on him.

"Eh? Clone? What do you mean Elder Lin?" Shen Murong asked doubtfully. "I know the Lord personally myself, and that's definitely his aura!"

Wei Wang and Wang Dong both nodded in agreement. They could never mistake their Lord's aura like that. Surely, they would be able to tell if the other party was the real deal or a clone!

This was especially the case for Shen Murong, how could he forget Duan Li's aura after his first battle with him during the Combat Class?

'Also, this guy is a little out of character from his appearance, is he mentally stable?' Shen Murong stared warily at Zeng Jiangshi.

Despite the other party seeming to act like a fool, the dangerous vibe he felt never decreased at all!

"I don't know where he got such an impeccable substitute material for his clone, but one thing remains the same for all clones, and that is.. while clones do possess sentience and soul, which is the extension of their original persona, they are still not a living thing in the end. Who else knows better about something that is alive but is also not a living thing when compared to me?" Elder Lin clasped his hands behind his back as he explained this.

Undoubtedly, as an Elder Lich whom had lived for millenniums, his knowledge about this was extensive beyond words!

"Hey now! Don't you get all smug over there! As if you are the only expert here! Hmph!" Zeng Jiangshi turned towards Shen Murong and the rest as he pointed his index finger.

"Listen up here you younglings! Me and this Lich here whom you now called as Elder Lin, we are very sensitive and attuned towards those with the same attributes like us, 'Deathless' as we would like to call it."

"People like us, who are able to remain alive or resurrect indefinitely for as long as we fulfill some certain conditions, are able to sense one another in close proximity. Kind of how you humans recognize each other with a single glance. Its just something natural!" he continued.

"That Imperial Overseer just now was definitely a clone, and I would dare say its a perfect one at that! So its not surprising for you people to be deceived, but not us! Specifically, not me! Hah!"

Listening to their explanation, only now did Shen Murong recall the oddity he felt from 'that' Duan Li!

The Duan Li he knew was always calm and laid back most of the time, not uptight and like someone with anger management issues!

He felt sorry for Elder Lin getting slapped repeatedly before, to the point that the latter's skull was spinning like a ball..

Had they not explain this to him, he would've thought that it was just the menstrual period taking over Duan Li's rationality! He never would've guessed this to actually be the case!

A clone!

"I see.. but the fact remains that you are with the Dark Sect! Just because you told us all these, doesn't mean that we are letting you escape!"

"..." Zeng Jiangshi's smile abruptly paused.

'Another idiot..' thought Elder Lin in his mind, feeling helpless.

"HAHAHAHAHA! You are a funny guy!" Zeng Jiangshi gave out a sinister and crazed laughter.

"If I wanted you all dead, you guys wouldn't even realize it! Perhaps because your Elder Lin is here that you are so brave to say that? Do you think that he can protect you?" Zeng Jiangshi took a step forward, instantly radiating out extreme bloodlust!

"Tsk! Don't even start. I wouldn't want to get sweaty now. Must we do this?" Elder Lin also took a step forward and countered with his own death aura as the ground began to tremble.

Now, two different aura of different colors, crimson and pitch black was clashing against each other!

"Hehe! Why not? We've not fought for a long time, haven't we?"



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