Universal Mercenary System
24 Chapter 20
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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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24 Chapter 20

Standing up, he decides to wipe the blood on his hands onto his clothes as best as he could as he doesn't want to accidentally drop the horn due to the blood or something. Still, it is best that he can find a lake or something he can wash himself off on, so that is his target.

[Name: Lin Feng

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 12

Class: None

Level: 1{14/100}

Rank: None

Strength: G-

Agility: G-

Dexterity: G-

Endurance: G-

Vitality: G-

Wisdom: G-
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Intelligence: G-

Skills: None

Points: 7

Stat Points: 0

Skill Points: 0]

He got 14 experience for killing a single horned rabbit, so he should be able to level up once from killing 6 or 7 more, assuming the experience gained doesn't change. Still, with his body being so slow as it is now, he is really having a hard time adjusting.

In his illusion world or whatever, he was extremely fast due to his Inner Energy and high Agility stats, but now he doesn't know if Inner Energy is even available to him anymore and his Agility is at the lowest it can possibly be at, making everything challenging to him.

Walking around the forest while being as cautious as he can, he suddenly hears something that made him happy. Water! Flowing water! Meaning there is either a lake or river nearby! Following the sound as best as he can, he finally stumbles upon a flowing river, much to his relief.

He might even be able to catch a few fish that he can throw into his Inventory for whenever he is hungry. Taking off his clothes, he notices that his body has a serious lack of any muscles, which annoys him. Not to mention his body is just much too smooth for his liking, he would rather have a scarred body that this pale and spotless skin.

Jumping into the river, he put his horn directly at the edge of the riverbed, so he can jump to it and grab it at the faintest hint of danger. Luckily for him though, nothing approached the river while he was cleaning himself, which was a relief.

Still, he did manage to catch a grand total of 6 fish, which he easily killed with the horn. He also found out that he didn't get any experience for killing them, probably because they were too small and weak to earn anything from, not that he really minds since they are just food.

Throwing them all into his Inventory along with the horn so he doesn't lose it, he washes his shirt to the best of his effort, finally getting rid of the blood on it, even though it is now soaked. Not wanting to wear a soaked shirt, he just hands it over his shoulder to wait for it to dry off.

He decided to hunt around this river as best as he can so he can just wash himself off after his hunts, so he doesn't stay covered in blood that it dries onto him for a long period of time, as that would be extremely annoying to deal with.

So, he walks through the forestry surrounding the river as silently as possible while straining his hearing, hoping to find some weak prey he can target. He walked around for a few minutes before he ran into something he really doesn't want to fight at all.

A large tiger like creature, easily standing at 10 feet tall with pure orange fur. Just looking at it gave him a bad feeling, meaning it is much stronger than what he can even fight back against, so he decided to sneak away as silently as possible.

Sadly, not everything goes as planned as he stepped on a branch, causing a quiet cracking noise to appear in the surroundings. Hearing that cracking noise, the tiger opens it eyes and stares directly at Lin Feng, nearly causing his heart to fly out of his chest.

Not wasting any time staying there, he turns around and runs as fast as he possibly can, praying the tiger won't bother with him. His prayer was somehow answered as the tiger just growled in his direction without getting up, much to his relief.

He sits down against a tree near the river, breathing heavily as he is exhausted after running with all his might from that spot for over 5 minutes. Still, he is just glad to be alive and thankful the tiger didn't chase after him.

It probably thought him not worth it's time, but he doesn't care since it let him live. As he caught his breath and was about to search in the opposite direction for something he can kill, a faint rustling in the bushes near him alerted him as he rapidly climbed the tree he was resting against, hiding himself while watching what came out of the bushes.

Much to his relief and happiness, it was just another horned rabbit, which he can easily kill now that he has something sharp like the horn. What makes it even better was that the horned rabbit was hopping around right under his tree without even noticing him.

When it was directly under him, he drops from the tree as silently as possible while clutching his horn tightly, falling directly on top of the horned rabbit. Not giving it a chance to hurt him or attempt escape, he embeds his horn in the back of the horned rabbit's head and into it's brain, killing it off in one go.

[Host has killed a Level 2 Horned Rabbit. Obtained 8 experience and 3 points.]

'Damn, a horned rabbit lower by one level gave 6 less experience and 4 less points. Well, I should of figured it would be like that but it is still annoying that it truly is. Sigh, whatever. It just means I need to kill more of them than I thought.' Lin Feng sighed while throwing the horned rabbit into his Inventory.

Quickly washing his hands in the river, his stomach growled, telling him to feed it. Sighing again, he decided to the fish instead of the rabbit, since he has eaten raw fish before and it is only faintly unbearable, much better than the horned rabbit.

He only needed to eat 2 raw fish despite them being so small thanks to his 12 year old body, which is probably the one thing he likes about it. The only reason he needed to eat the whole horned rabbit last time was because he just fought it and was exhausted and hungry then.

Looking up at the darkening sky, he felt wary and decided not to hunt during the night until he increases his stats greatly, or else he might run into something like that tiger again and get killed in the end, which would do him no good as he doubts he can be brought back to life again when he isn't in that illusion world anymore.

Climbing up a tree with thick branches he can lay on, he balances his body perfectly so it won't fall off of the tree during his sleep and closes his eyes, embracing the sleep that came to him as he was indeed tired after everything.

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    《Universal Mercenary System》