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Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path
Author :ExSoldierLv99
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395 Chapter 394

Yuki just stalled for time while she was answering Leon's questions. It looked like she became unreasonable enough to try to fight again the man who knocked her down in two seconds, and all that confidence came from two gloves.

Electric Dominance (Thunder)

It grants you the skill: Electric Rush Lv 350. Health + 1000, Strength + 1000, Speed+ 1000.

Cost: 200 mana

"I guess you didn't grow mentally strong as you did physically, Yuki," Leon shrugged. "Only a fool would get so confident just by using a weapon."

Yuki's smirked, her speed increased, but she wasn't confident because of that. Suddenly, as if her body had become thunder, she disappeared and only left a single small bolt of lightning on her place. Leon's Anti-Mana Field would probably stop that effect, but it wouldn't stop Yuki's momentum. So, instead of running away or try to counter-attack. Leon decided to let her attack. Leon activated Mana Armor and received the punch on his face.

Congratulations! The skill Mana Armor has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

Congratulations! The skill Mana Armor has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

Congratulations! The skill Mana Armor has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.


It hadn't been a good idea. The impact made Leon fly backward dozens of meters. Despite that, Leon saw the moment Yuki's fists shot a Thunder Wave toward his body... her attacks could use paralyze her targets with that. Leon only stopped when he hit the walls around the palace. Despite the power of the attack, he only suffered a few bruises... that been said; he lost half of his mana.

"I guess it is only obvious... she has been training and fighting for hundreds of years, after all."

Leon had to save his mana, and he couldn't use spells regularly since he couldn't give to his enemies the chance to teleport or summon him. So, he changed his strategy a little bit. Yuki attacked again, but Leon dodged her attacks by activating Haste and Electric Armor at the very last moment. He hid behind her to escape from the pieces of the wall she destroyed, and then he pinched her ears.

"You..." Yuki clenched her teeth.

Yuki tried to punch Leon again, but she hit nothing and end up returning to her dojo since she couldn't stop her momentum like that. In terms of raw speed, Leon couldn't compare to Yuki. However, by using Haste, Electric Armor, and thanks to Lion's Pride, Leon could become much faster, but enough to outspeed Yuki. Leon could cover two kilometers in one second if he wanted, but that had a price... his skin and clothes would start to burn, and even dust in the air could damage his eyes. So, to evade that kind of problem, Leon decided to use his max speed only to dodge attacks and move a few meters.

"You are fast, but if you use that skill, you can only move in a straight line," Leon explained. "If I were your enemy, I would have killed you."

Yuki looked at Leon as if she was a vicious dog. It looked like she overwhelmed everyone who tried to mess with her using that kind of attack. Well, it wasn't surprising since she left a path of destruction whenever she used Electric Rush. Regardless, Leon didn't have time to waste analyzing her or explaining why her attacks wouldn't work. It looked like even though she had a lot of mana, she didn't learn many spells in the past nine hundred years... She only used her healing skills and punched everything on the way, since she had a talent for both, she didn't have to worry about learning spells.

Despite Leon's explanations, Yuki didn't give up. She tried to attack him again and again until the whole palace had marks of Electric Rush on the floor. Yuki only stopped when she ran out of mana. Still... when Yuki fell on her knees, breathing hard and pale, Ren took her place.

"So, it is you this time..." Leon sighed. "This isn't like I imagined we would see each other again... but I guess it can't be helped. Once I defeat you, you two will answer all my questions, and this time you guys won't stop until I feel satisfied and if something happens again... I'm sorry, but I'm going to break a few of your bones in order to teach you a lesson."

"Shut up, Invader," Ren said. "You will pay with your life for threatening our peace."

A red aura enveloped ren's body, and Leon felt the temperature rising. It looked like he became a fire swordsman, even though leveled up his Fire Resistance a lot inside the snake, he still started to sweat despite the distance between them. Ren charged, he was slower, but even at a distance, he could cause damage. His red katana was so powerful that the air around was vibrating due to the heat... Leon couldn't let that get too close. Anti-Mana Field could decrease Ren's power, a lot, but Leon couldn't spend so much mana.

Leon used Ice Beam and froze Ren's legs, he imagined that Leon would also freeze all his body, but Ren only saw Leon pointing upward.

"As if I would fall for such a trick..." Ren smirked.

"What about you, Yuki," Leon looked at Yuki. "What do you think of that?"

Yuki frowned, but she didn't have to worry about falling for any tricks since Ren was in front of her, and he could easily melt that amount of ice. So, she looked upward without a care only to freeze on the spot, and then she broke into a cold sweat. During the day, she people frowned when she saw that weird stain on the sky, but now at night, Yuki could clearly see an immense snake on fire.


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