We Are Absolute
10 Chapter 10: The Training Grounds
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We Are Absolute
Author :Dragren
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10 Chapter 10: The Training Grounds

Early the next day, when the sky was still dark, two figures could be seen dashing into the residence area of Kaishi Martial Arts Academy. Darien and Aviana woke extremely early this morning to make sure that they would be in their residence in the academy by the time everyone woke up. So once they arrived they immediately dissipated their clone and fell asleep once again. They slept until late in the morning when they were woken up by a loud knocking on their door. They immediately sat up and got into a cross-legged position.

"Come in," Darien called.

The slowly opened and behind emerged an eight-year-old boy who was extremely buff. He bowed in greeting and said, "Junior brother and sister my name is Jack Trairu and I am the Dean's current Head Disciple."

"You are from the Trairu Clan?" Aviana asked.

Jack frowned slightly but immediately hid it. However, it couldn't escape from the siblings' acute senses.

"That is right," Jack replied as he puffed out his chest in arrogance, "I don't care why the Dean accepted you peasants but know your place and stay far away from me!"

"The fox showed its tail quite quickly," Darien said smiling, "You're quite inexperienced."

"Show some respect to your Senior Brother!" Jack angrily replied as he released his battle intent.

Darien merely brushed his intent off and asked, "So what are you here for, Se-nior Bro-ther?"

Jack frowned deeply at this but he quickly composed himself once again, "Master has asked me to bring the two of you to the Training Grounds to test your ability. Try not to embarrass yourselves too much and throw Master's face in the dirt okay?" With that, he stormed out of the house.

"Who was that brat again?" Aviana asked rather loudly. Jack heard her voice and nearly tripped on his own foot. Aviana chuckled, "Male supremacist views, useless."

"Let's get changed quickly and participate in what, I'm sure, is going to be an 'interesting' test," Darien sarcastically remarked.

They quickly got changed and asked for directions to the Training Grounds since Jack had stormed off sulking. It was very hard to miss. There were evergreen trees in the periphery and in the middle of were four small white rectangular blocks and one large white rectangular block. It was similar to the stages that the two of them saw in the front gate of the academy but these ones were made of stronger materials. Disciples could be seen sparring in the four smaller stages while the large one in the was extremely calm. On it stood twenty children ranging from the ages of 8-10 years old.

Martial Techniques were being launched everywhere and some of them flew towards the trees, breaking them. Some disciples would then hurriedly uproot that tree and carry a new one and plant it in the same place.

"The trees are an illusion array," Avian observed, "They aren't normal trees either, should be Blood Ash Trees."

"Blood Ash?" Darien frowned as he sniffed the air, "There's a scent in the air but I can't make it out."

"That should be Potential Destroying Incense," Avian said frowning.

"This academy sure is desperate. They have so many Potential Destroying Poisons," Darien said, "Are they a Dark Academy?"

"No, a Dark Academy would carry out practices similar to that of a cult. I don't see any sacrifices around," Aviana explained.

"Not yet you don't," Darien commented.

"Still though this war between the Trairu Clan and the Kaishi Martial Arts Academy has intrigued me. The Kaishi Martial Arts Academy are so desperate they would even use the Potential Destroying Poisons but the Dean of the academy has a Head Disciple that comes from the Trairu Clan. Does he want to drop a rock on his foot?" Aviana asked.

"He is stuck between a rock and a hard place. With some prodding from his Elders, he most likely gave in and chose the lesser evil."

"What are you peasants talking about?" said a loud voice from behind them.

The siblings turned around to see a lavishly dressed young man. He was wearing a dark purple robe of the Trairu Clan - a sign of an outer clan member

"Oh look a dog of the Trairu Clan!" Darien mocked.

"You!" the youth turned red from anger, "Listen up peasants! I am Jack Trairu of the Trairu Clan! My talent has been assessed to be heaven-defying so kneel when you see me from now on or fear my wrath in the future!"

Darien and Aviana exchanged a look of disbelief. Jack saw this and took it as disbelief of his talent, "That's right my talent is something you peasants cannot even begin to fathom!"

"Hey is Jack really your real name," Darien asked, "We just met a Jack Trairu earlier this morning and he doesn't look like you."

"Where is this imposter? Tell me I must get rid of this smear on my name!" Jack said as he grabbed Darien by the collar.

"It is me he is talking about. You have a problem?" Jack One asked as he walked from behind. He was wearing dark gold robes that represented a Trairu Clan Young Master.

Instead of bowing down in fear like Darien expected, Jack Two became even more enraged instead, "HUH? You even dare to wear MY robe?! You peasant KNEEL!" He immediately threw a palm towards Jack One

"Thes Trairu clansmen sure have a few screws loose," Aviana commented.

"ALL their screws are loose," Darien corrected.

Jack One merely snorted at the attack and kicked Jack Two in the trees. Jack Two broke through the array of trees and still didn't show any signs of stopping. Suddenly. BOOOOOOM! A loud boom was heard throughout the entire academy accompanied by the sound of a massive tree falling down.

"He's not half bad but still too weak," Aviana said as she observed Jack One's kick.

"Let's go the Elders and Master is waiting," Jack One said as he turned around.


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