Xealius’ Path To Power
4 Life 4: Mysterious Elder
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Xealius’ Path To Power
Author :_Daoist01_
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4 Life 4: Mysterious Elder

As Xealius was within his room he was resting on his bed as he looked to the skies, in anticipation he had become a sect member and was now officially on the way to becoming a Mage there truly was no better thing in life.

But suddenly a knock on his door awakened him as he said, "Who's there?"

"It's me Lord Xealius the one from the sect initiation ceremony, you've been called by the sect elders in order to get sorted in a class, now if you will please follow me to the hall."


Was my reply as I opened the lock of the door and headed out, "Kachink!" echoed the noise as the lock opened and it was the guy from yesterday as he looked at me with respect before mouthing, 'Follow me.'

"It's fine Mr... you don't need to be so serious just call me Xealius."

"No I'm merely a human while your a Magus I have no right to call you by your name without putting your status above me or else I'll be kicked out of the servants court."

"Well if you will but when your with me there's no need for any formalities Mr..."

"My name's James Linsworth, Lord..."

Hearing him call me lord again I gave him a glare as he corrected his mistake, "My name's James Linsworth, Xealius..."

As he said this with great fear as if he was afraid someone would hear and disgrace him for referring to a Magus like a normal human though I merely shrugged it off.

As he began sweating bullets profusely, "Right onwards to the hall Xea-Xealius..."

Said James as he directed me to the hall in a hurriedly manner as I took in all the sites of the sect it was enormous with different biomes in each area and cities and towns were in the sect as well as I saw countless trees and plants along the way with the sect boasting even a huge jungle.

It seems the hall was in the main building of the sect as it was a huge building no it was a castle of sorts as it also had eastern aspects to it as if a marriage between the east and the west in terms of architecture and culture.

After a while we had arrived at the hall as the huge gateway was closed shut, the golden doors were closed as they gleamed a shiny luster causing one to become envious of such wealth.

"Xealius... Remember be on your best behaviour as others from the sect who passed like you did are in there and they'll all be assorted into different classes but make sure you give the elder his due respect."

"Don't worry James I've got this under control. You can go back now."

The doors then opened as I placed my hands on it and inside I saw countless decorations littering the room as it was enormous and also I saw quite a lot of people within the hall as well seemingly waiting to start the classroom areas for everyone.

And in the end of the room was an Oldman who's beard had grown so long it was the length of a quarter of the hall as it was draped on the floor, and the hair was snowy white in colour as the old man's brows wrinkled when he saw that the last of the new disciples had come in.

"Hmm, and that makes 100 students this year... from what I've heard this batch of students all have different talents and are abnormal than the rest in terms of mind or body."

Seeing that everyone was in the middle of the room facing the sect elder I hurriedly rushed towards them as to get this over and done with, once I arrived at the middle I stood next to a nearby girl as I didn't know what to do so I copied her and did what she was doing.

She had a hand on her chest as if to give respect to the elder and once I did this they all suddenly bowed down to show the elder some respect, seeing this I copied her hurriedly as I didn't want to get in trouble.

As I made my way here me and James had talked about numerous things and he had mentioned that the Golden Sun Sect was a very important of the Flower's and Fruit continent as it boasted a high military power as well as the grand exploits it had in its long history.

The academy was so well known that even the Royals would seek tutelage here, and it seemed that this generation of royals were about 15-16 the same age as me and it seems that they too had come to the Golden Sun Sect in order to become a high ranking Magus to show they are suited to be next in line for the throne.

The Royal family was the Sun family and legend had it that they were Descendants of the Immortal Monkey King Sun Wukong, and to further this it seems that the royals had a special feature that the people didn't have, that was that they had monkey like tails and were suited for body strengthening magic.

But it wasn't just them there were numerous other families with bloodlines within the continent as they too possessed special features such as the:

•The Long Family- Rumour had it that they descended from the Eastern Dragon Shenlong and so possessed Draconic features such as a tail and horn's and one they became enraged their bodies would be covered with scales.

• The Lycan Family- Rumour had it that they descended from the Alpha the first werewolf and they were capable of turning into humanoid wolves they possessed strong bodies and regeneration.

•The Dokkaebi Family- Rumour had it that they descended from the legendary figure Kim Shin the Progenitor of all Goblins- they look like ordinary humans but are much more handsome and are immortal- can control the weather and have a strong physique.

• The Kurama Family- Rumour had it that they descended from the legendary Kitsune Yoko, and they have silver fox ears with long silver hair, and slanted golden eyes.

These families were the strongest nobles within the flower and fruits continent each containing a high battle power as well as a long history and the strongest family is the Sun family as the others support the royals when in need.


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