campus dilemma
10 Episode 10
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campus dilemma
Author :mozart10
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10 Episode 10

The weekend with Shania was just so awesome.

Everything was so good. The S£x, her cooking etc. for

just one day and some hours we were already living

couple's life. Shania is not the type that fancies all

these processed foods. She cooks and her skills in the

kitchen is just awesome as her kills on the bed.

On Sunday evening, we drove down to her apartment

for her to pick the cloth she will wear to school on

Monday as she insisted on going to school from my

house. Shania is really a girl down to earth not minding

her rich background. She is clean in and out and


Her apartment wowed me when we got there. It was so

arranged and everything was just in the right place not

like a typical girl that will leave her undies flying

around everywhere. As been my first time in her

apartment, she offered me a drink and to my surprise

she deals alcohol. She offered me Blue and Black and

joined me to drink. One thing led to another and we had

another round of S£x before departing to my lodge. We

decided to take a cab and drop at the school and then

from there stroll to my lodge since we parked her car in

her apartment.

That Sunday started off good but the ending wasn't

such a pleasant one. As we walked pass Cindy's

hostel, something caught my eyes. I thought my eyes

were deceiving me. I pulled out my phone and dialled

her number and it rang but she didn't pick. I excused

myself from Shania and told her to stroll on that I

needed to make a call and will catch up with her. I

dialled Cindy for the second time and still she didn't

pick despite looking at the screen of her phone each

time I called.

To say that I felt bad was an understatement. I felt

heartbroken. If they were just talking I wouldn't have

felt that bad. But seeing her peck the dude was what

compounded my misery. And as she walked down to

her hostel with her big hand bag, I needed no

soothsayer to confirm my worries.

I pulled myself together and walked on to catch up with

Shania before another useless boy go begin approach


"Are you ok?" she asked as I got to her."Yea am fine,

do I look not ok?" I asked.

"Yea, your countenance says something else. Is it

about the phone call."

"No, no,its nothing, am fine" I said and changed the

topic away from me.


"You know you have been like this since this evening

after making that phone call. You have been moody and

a little absent minded" Shania said bringing my

thoughts back.

"Like how?" I asked pretending.

"Ok see dude don't play dumb with me. Ever since you

saw that girl, I guess she is the Cindy that you have

called up to 20 times judging from your call log and

that dude inside that car, you have not been yourself.

What is your problem?is she your girlfriend? For all I

know you have not even asked her out yet and you are

being like this. What will happen when you guys start

dating and you see her with another dude?"

I wasn't expecting that, In fact I didn't know she saw

me staring at Cindy and the cool looking dude in that

posh 4matic Mercedes car. I didn't have any defense to

put up so I decided to apologize.

"Am sorry Shania about this whole moody stuff, I didn't

mean for it to affect you" I said.

"Well you don't have to be sorry for me, you have to be

sorry for yourself for allowing someone you ain't even

dating yet to affect your life this way" she said

sounding very pissed at me

There is this feeling when a very beautiful lady is angry

with you and voicing it out. Not because you have hurt

her but because she cares about you. In that moment,

you tend to be more attracted to her. You see her

exceptional beauty and you start feeling fly and lucky.

Yea that was the feeling I had.

After voicing out her anger, she went to the fridge and

brought out the bottle of Mc Dowels. She poured a

quantity into a cup and handed it over to me.

"This will make you feel better" she said putting the

bottle back into the fridge.

With one big gulp I downed the whole content of the cup

and handed it back to her. She left with the cup to the

kitchen and latter to the bathroom for her night

rituals.After she did all those things women do before

going to bed, she joined me in the bed. We weren't in

the mood for love making as she just snuggled into me

with me cuddling her as we slept off. You know that

thing they said about someone having your 'mumu'

button, I just hope its not Cindy that have got mine

because throughout the night she never left my mind.

To Be Continued…


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