king's desire
11 The karen's blood part 1
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king's desire
Author :danawed
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11 The karen's blood part 1

kira was brought to the castle main building for the trade.

the grand commander smiled cheaply at the sight of kira. he was happy and ready to do any thing to redeem himself.

"so lets talk business " the bandit leader turned to the grand commander.

"yes business. hmm so go on." the grand commander said while he signal the girl on his lap to come down.

"hem" the bandit leader cleared his throat before he said anything. "OK i want a chest of Karen's jade diamond, a chest of rubies, a chest of gold and last we need confirmation that koy will not attack our territory or drain anyone from this brotherhood" the grand commander stood up angrily " all this for a girl...". the bandit leader cut in. " she is a druid and not just a girl and i don't see any need of you getting angry, beside this is just a negotiation".

the grand commander was angry because of he could not grant the bandit leader last request, the negotiation was a secret one Koy had no idea about it. but he needs to do all he can to get the northern druid.
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even if he had to deceive the bandit leader.

"ahem you are right there is no point in getting angry"

"so what's your stand commander". the bandit leader asked. "fine i will accepted any conditions you give. i will inform Koy as soon as i get to west Karen and i promises you no soul shall be drained, and as for the Karen jade diamond and chest of rubies would be sent letter to you we only came with golds and silvers.

"so can i have the druid"

"not so fast commander" the bandit leader said with a low tone. " i can't just give the girl to you, i will like to see koy and maybe have a word or two with him"

"WHAT! ahem i mean koy is too busy to see any one, that's why am here to handle matters"

" commander don't you think the druid is important to koy or isn't it why you are here"

"it is but... ok fine we will leave for east first thing tomorrow morning... ahem so we have a deal". "yes right a deal it is... ahem so make yourself comfortable, eat whatever you must we have long journey ahead of us tomorrow". the bandit leader stood and shook hands with the commander and then he left to take his rest.

"foolish bandit he thinks he is wise i will show him true wisdom" he said to himself.

kira was taken back to her cell by another bandit. husk not willing to get caught for killing a bandit guard left the bandit territory at night. he slept in the forest without camp fire afraid of been sported. it was very difficult for him to sleep cause of his injuries.

he work up very early waiting for the troops to start they journey to east. also he was also looking out of his safety. immediately he spotted the Koy's men coming out of the gate with their steel white armour and their horses, they walked uniformly. followed by the bandit with their armour made from leather and metals scarps they were also riding horses. then a luxurious chariot looking like a tent also came out of the bandit territory. and finally some bandits troop came out through the gate without horses, they were all jogging to meet up with the others.

husk followed them through the forest till it was dusk. they stoped and made several camp fire to rest. they ate and drank together. husk sneaked into the camp and pretended to be one of them. he also ate and drank with them. the next morning they continued their journey. it took them three days to reach the west karen. husk was already tired of jogging. while jogging he mistakenly bumped into another bandit. "hey watch it " the bandit said angrily. husk turned to apologize but to he greatest surprise it was one of his torturer. immediately he bent his head to avoid any eye contact.

but the bandit kept staring at him. "brother you face look so familiar have we meet before? " the bandit asked. "why not we are from the brotherhood" he said in a low tune. "yea your right" the bandits said.

husk took a breath of relief and continued jogging. husk looked weak and drained his injuries were untreated and were creating pains for him.

finally they arrived at koy's fortress. at the sight of the grand command the main gate was opened. immediately after that koy's soldiers came out and surrounded the bandits.


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